Clan Rules

These Are Our Clan Guidelines And Rules That We Wish Our Clan Members Will Follow.
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Clan Rules

Fri Aug 16, 2019 1:11 am

Name / Tag / Rank

When in-game, always wear your official name, tag, and rank properly in exact capitalization. You may wear alternate names but not with the [LaG] tag on.


Never accept or declare wars. Only leaders can make this decision. However, you may post and request potential wars in the war forums.


Don't outwardly advertise the clan website on another server. This may get you banned and ruin our clan reputation.


Don't recruit members. Only leaders can decide / tryout new recruits. However, you may ask applicants to register on our forums and post in the Clan Recruitment forum.


Hacking is forbidden in our clan. If you are caught hacking, you will be banned from our servers, clan, and forum.

Calling Other Players "Hacker"

Don't call another player a hacker unless you have evidence. False hacker claims are frowned upon. (If you have suspicions on a hacker, just post it on the forums. Joking about hacking is allowed, to a certain extent.)

- The [LaG] Management Team.

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