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Application Process

Tue Aug 13, 2019 2:21 pm

Information Needed

In-Game Name:

Time Zone:



Recommended Time Of Tryout:

CS2D Experience:

Where Did You Hear About Us:

Previous Clans:

Information Needed (Example)

In-Game Name: Shortcut

USGN: hvick

Time Zone: Greenwich Mean Time | -4

Location: Born in New York City, United States. Living in Dominican Republic

Recommended Time Of Tryout: Friday - Sunday @ 8:00 PM (GMT -4).

CS2D Experience: Approximately 13 years

Where Did You Hear About Us: From The Advertisement In The Clan Server

Previous Clans: [Massive] # [TGV] TSq.| [DFC] [LCS2D] S|I|C d0pa[MiNe]# USA...

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