Tryout Policy

Read This Before Filling Out An Application.
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Tryout Policy

Fri Aug 16, 2019 12:44 am

The Clan [LaG] tryout policy underlines our mission to recruit members who are skilled, active, loyal, and fun to be around.

In order to be given a tryout to join this clan and to be accepted into the clan, you must meet all of the following requirements below. Please review all requirements before submitting your application.


• Applicant must have two to three or more weeks of gameplay experience.
• Applicant must have a good attitude and behave well towards everyone else.
• Applicant should at least win three out of ten rounds in the tryout.
• Applicant's timezone is preferred to be in the Western Hemisphere.

Re-Entry Tryouts

• If rejected or kicked because of the lack of skill, the applicant must wait two weeks before an additional tryout.
• If kicked for inactivity the applicant must be active on a daily basis in CS2D for two weeks.

[CWL] Evaluation Process ( [CWL] = Clan Waiting List )

• Must complete a month as a [CWL] before becoming a full-fledged clan member.
• Can participate in clan events.
• Can not participate in clan wars.
• First come, first serve. When a official clan member slot opens, the first recruited [CWL] will take that official clan member's spot.

- The [LaG] Management Team.

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