Server Guidelines

The Server Rules, Information And The Administrative List.
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Server Guidelines

Sun Aug 18, 2019 11:53 pm

Equip, Speedmod, Setmaxhealth, & Etc

There are only two reasons to use these "enhancement" rcon commands.

1. For legitimately testing without disturbing other players.
2. For fun, without ruining everyone else's fun.

With that said, using the rcon commands for yourself will probably make everyone ask you to give them equips or speed, and etc. This causes chain reaction, and may end up pissing people off in the end. With great power comes great responsibility. Use your head.

Slap, Deathslap, Killplayer, Strip, Kick, Ban, & Etc

These are typically used for punishment. Try to warn the offender before you punish them. Maybe they don't know what they did wrong, that is why you tell them! If they don't know why they are being punished, they'll keep doing it. Most offenders do not deserve to be banned (except for hackers). So please do not abuse the rcon just because someone got on your nerves. Use appropriate punishment for the offense. You wouldn't give a death penalty to a kid who peed on your lawn.


Please don't spam restart. There are reasonable times to restart, such as:

1. When you and the all other players need money.
2. When you are setting up trainings or a war.

Generally speaking, you should not be restarting just because you were afk or talking at the beginning of the round and wanted to restart so you don't lose time at the beginning. That can be considered as admin abuse. Make reasonable judgments. Don't restart just because you died. As a general rule of thumb, if it's not fair for everyone else, it's probably wrong! Try to think about others!

Changing Maps

This should be a group decision. Don't decide on your own what map it should be. This leads us into a number of admin abusers switching back and forth between maps. It's not fun for anyone.

Consequences Of Admin Abuse

If you are found abusing admin powers (whether it is to gain an advantage, or annoying people regardless if intentional) even after being told to stop, you will lose your admin privileges on the server until you can prove you have learned to exercise proper conduct. The rcon password will be changed and you will not receive it. You may even be subjected to rank demotion for setting a bad example for the rest of the clan. And worse yet, if your behavior does not improve, you may be kicked from the clan.

Reporting Admin Abuse

If you notice someone in [LaG] abusing the admin powers, take at least one screenshot of you or someone else telling him to stop; and if possible, take a screenshot of the admin abuse he has been committing. Post it under the CS2D Discussion board, and it will be reviewed for validity. If confirmed as abusive, appropriate punishment will be handled.

- The [LaG] Management Team.

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