Clan Promotions

A Guide With All The Information Needed To Get You Promoted.
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Clan Promotions

Mon Aug 19, 2019 12:08 am

Do you want to get a better rank in our clan? Want admin privileges on the [LaG] server?
This little guide should answer all your questions!

Advancement Guidelines

Listed below are not a set of rules. We are not enforcing clan members to follow the preceding criteria. However, these traits are greatly valued in the [LaG] clan. If you display consistent improvements in these areas, you can acquire rank promotions!

Skill Evaluation

We will be hosting 1 vs 1 tournaments approximately every 2 weeks on the [LaG] server. This will allow us to evaluate our members skill levels (and also attendance). We will also monitor your skill level throughout all activities in CS2D. Your level of skill will obviously be a factor in allowing you to participate in clan wars. Join our clan trainings and improve your skills!


Sportsmanship, in general, is all about playing fairly. Here's a brief list so you can understand what this means.

• Never play with hacks.
• Don't abuse admin powers during a real match.
• Don't camp until your teammates are dead, so you can pick off weakened enemies.
• Don't ask for knife fights and then shoot your opponents.
• Don't flash your teammates just so you can get the kills.
• And many more... I think you get the idea by now.


Conduct is how well you behave and follow rules. This means following orders from [LaG] leaders and vice-leaders. This also means you should follow Clan Rules, Forum Rules and the Server Guidelines (can be located on our forums's database). Poor behavior not only prevents you from getting rank promotions, but you may also be demoted, or even worse, kicked from the clan for misbehaving. Set a good example for the other clan members!


Contribution is not necessary for any of our members, but it is nonetheless greatly valued. Contribution can come in the form of hosting servers when we need it, or making signatures, avatars and other graphics in our forums! This even includes posting tutorials and helping other members out. Contributing to the community can make you stand out as a candidate for a rank promotion. Best of all, you're giving back to the community!


Activeness is a no-brainer. Simply show up in-game and on the [LaG] forums. All members should be registered on our forums and minimally read our news once every week. If you know you won't be very active, post on our forum and explain your reasoning! Otherwise, if we don't see you in-game or on our forums at least once a week, you may be considered as inactive. If you are flagged as inactive and you fail to respond within another week, you may be kicked from the clan for inactivity. If you were kicked, you'll have to re-apply to our clan when you become active again.

That's it for our little guide on how to get a promotion. Play fair, have fun, and aim for the stars!

- The [LaG] Management Team.

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